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Thursday events!

Thursdays are the highlight of the month at our church, as we invite our community to join us for a series of exciting and enriching events. From fellowship and entertainment to nourishment and personal growth, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Let's dive into the Thursday events that take place each month:

  • W.O.W Women of Worship: We kick off the day with a gathering exclusively for our amazing women. W.O.W Women of Worship provides a nurturing and empowering space for women to connect, grow spiritually, and support one another. Through worship, prayer, and engaging discussions, we delve into topics that inspire and uplift, nurturing a strong sense of sisterhood.

  • Family Movie Night: As the sun begins to set, it's time for some quality family time. Our Family Movie Night brings families together to enjoy a wholesome film that entertains, educates, and sparks meaningful conversations. Grab your blankets, popcorn, and loved ones, and get ready for an evening of laughter, heartwarming moments, and shared memories.

  • Community Dinner: Nothing brings people closer than breaking bread together. Our Community Dinner is an open invitation to individuals and families of all backgrounds to gather around the table and enjoy a delicious meal. It's an opportunity to connect with old friends and make new ones, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our community.

  • Life Skills Event: To cap off the evening, we offer a Life Skills Event that equips individuals with practical knowledge and tools to navigate various aspects of life. From financial literacy to parenting workshops, personal development to practical home maintenance, these events empower attendees to enhance their everyday lives.

These Thursday events are designed to cater to the diverse needs and interests of our community. They provide opportunities for spiritual growth, family bonding, community engagement, and personal development. We believe in the power of fostering meaningful connections, sharing wisdom, and creating spaces where everyone feels valued and supported.

We invite you to join us every Thursday for these enriching events and experience the warmth, love, and growth that our church community offers. Bring your friends, family, and an open heart as we come together to worship, learn, connect, and thrive. We look forward to welcoming you into our church family!

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